all things bright.

You make every light brighter. 

My cup was full, and you overfilled it. I knew joy, but you have brought new laughter out of me- the dancing belly, the tears falling kind of chuckling that is musical and radiant. Our home was bright; 

but you have made it brighter. 

I am standing in the kitchen,  trying to make the oven cook faster…and I have a perfect window that watches you loving those entrusted to me in that mysterious man language. There is a new and consistent ring of laughter through our house that makes it…well…


You sit with me; you play with them; you listen and care and laugh and stand tall when I feel as if my whole world is crumbling. And, as much of a man you are, you are rooted enough to know how to play and enjoy, to taste and to see the Good that surrounds this beautiful mess. 

Taking out the trash, cooking, cleaning our kitchen, walking, talking…all that I had, you have made it brighter.

You have made me brighter.