As I wrap up reading Jen Hatmaker’s journey through 7, I find my self anxiously indulging in the things I am going to be denying myself in the next few months…healthy? I don’t think so. [please note: I also find myself frequently thinking in a southern accent…] This month is wrapping up, next month, it will be clothes…so what do I do? I indulged at f21 today, because, somehow, indulging there feels much more justifiable than anywhere else. Praise God that he has created me finite in the larger things of life. I can’t see the next storm that will come my way. I can’t see the next heartbreak, trial, or pain. All I can see are the footsteps that God has so faithfully left for me to follow. 

I don’t want to be a Y2K Christian–hoarding all my resources in fear of what’s to come. I want to fully throw my entire self at the next adventure…even if that next adventure is one of endurance and humility. This is where Glory rests and waits to be revealed. 

And as I strive to give myself away to God, I long to give myself away for others. Oh Dear, and I suck at it (how's that for poetic?). I just do–I pinch pennies buying gifts, and it kills me. I’m tired of using my God given resources for myself. 

I found this registry for a family in New York who lost everything when Sandy hit…What if you and I, your families and my family, purchase a gift for this family in need as a way of giving thanks this week? Check it out:

And I am learning. I am striving and seeking, and I know that it is in this tension that God meets me and changes me…molds me, and breaks me to be more and more like him (thanks, Todd Proctor…you’ve always got my back).