be the moon.

i have never seen the moon so large and bright as i did last night. driving down pch late last night, i was completely mesmerized by the sight of it. with a sigh, i noted that the moon is exactly what i long to  be. in every spot of life, i want to be a beaming reflection of the Son. behind the way i looked at the moon last night in all its beauty, there is the common knowledge that the sun was once resting in that same place. the moon is just here for a while, filling the sky with a glimmer of light, until the sun returns. the sun gives life and awakens the sleeping. i want to be the moon. i want to radiate Christ, giving people glimmers of hope and light, as they await the Son.

as i was driving down pch, i passed by memories, some sweet, some bitter. yet, i push onward toward the moon-pursuing this goal with a heart earnestly seeking to shine just a reflection of Jesus to the darkened world. I will not turn back. so long prospect street-there is a new path to be revealed.