I bought a dahlia the other day. It was radiant-a starburst of lavender tipped with white, perfectly fitting in my favorite vase. i placed it proudly on my kitchen table, so that whenever i was forced to study something mundane, i could glance up from my my work to its loveliness smiling back at me. when i rose the next day to have a nice breakfast with the view of my dahlia, i faced something quite sad-all of her sweet petals had not only drooped, but completely fallen off of their bud, into a piled mess on the kitchen table. then i remembered the dahlia needs sun. 

oh how we as daughters of the king are so kin to the dahlia. as soon as i am taken out of the Son’s light, i am at a loss, and i feel ready to fall apart. in these moments of despair, and feeling like we are being plucked from our Source of Life, the Word is there to remind us that we can never be plucked from our Father’s hand. but we must keep our sights set on the Son, or our loveliness, like the dahlias, may very well wither off into a pile of broken beauty. 

may You face shine upon us, o Lord.