I finally realize why I love Christmas so much. After a season of stress, late nights, long days, and excessive business, we so often get stuck in this focus on the Holy Spirit and his work as our helper. I get in this funk of seeking the Holy Spirit to be my strength, to give me supernatural energy to get through the day, to guide me through life because I don’t have the emotional capacity nor time to think and act on my own. And God sees all this, and I am a firm believer in God knowing our business and schedules and giving us abundant grace in those times. However. When Christmas comes along, I am reminded of the goodness of Jesus. I am reminded of the beauty of our Savior and King, and the fact that that God is with us.

Every Christmas, I fall in love with the person of Jesus Christ, all over again.

Come and behold Him, born the King of angels.

Oh Come, let us adore Him, Christ, the LORD.