I will not speak of a passion that I’ve never known. To be in true relationship with Christ is surreal-why do I so often allow myself to consider it the mundane, the norm, the everyday affair. No. I am a Child of Jesus. The newness He has brought me to…it’s flabbergasting to reflect upon. I have been abused, neglected, wronged. I have wronged others, pridefully counted myself more important than others, treated others with disdain and contempt. I have refused to love those who’ve wronged me. But this new heart, oh this new heart that my Abbah looks upon with such delight…He has taken that old heart of stone and replaced it with a heart of flesh. One that can feel. One finally capable of love; reckless love, at that. I want my passion for Jesus to be apparent without a single word spoken. I want my love for His people to be examined and felt without touch. I will not speak of a passion that I’ve never known. I refuse to be anything less than authentic. My heart aches to do things for this world, for these people surrounding me, but if they are not absolutely ruined by my love for Jesus, I am betraying Him with a kiss. This Savior, Jesus, He is transforming. To reflect upon where I came from, gives me hope for where I am heading. I find myself just saying, over and over again “…but Jesus...” He acts for the sake of His glory, yes, but He cares with a love that can never be addressed fairly in the English language.

Oh Sweet Pursuer, this heart is Yours.

Oh Beloved Jesus, You carry us through the wilderness.

Oh Delighting Abba, You never cease to call me Your child.

Oh Beautiful Savior, You have defined love for us.

may we faithfully follow in Your footsteps.