Leaving the Mess

Where do you begin to pick up the pieces when they are shattered and scattered across the floor? Where do you begin to restructure what’s been broken when there are pieces to the fragile frame you didn’t even know existed-with grace you are discovering the forgotten spots, but it has taken all too long to discover their hiding spots. This can be happening inside of yourself or you can see it in the bleeding hearts of those around you. We are all messes together; we are all just trying to fix what we know to be broken-like children with super glue trying to repair a most treasured vase, we are constantly trying to fit the pieces back where they belong. But our efforts our vain…adorable, but vain nonetheless. 

We are irreparable by our standards. We are incapable of knowing where the pieces belong (can a vase tell it’s owner where to glue each piece to make it whole again?). Many times, we’ve been hit so hard, that we don’t even know where to start with the repairs. 

And this is where we are called to leave the mess. Leave the dishes. Leave the grime, dirt, and shattered pieces, and find rest. And in that rest, we invite the only One able to repair in to do his job. The Artisan, the Craftsman, the Creator, the One who Knows and Sees all and every piece of all, comes and sees the mess. He sees it, he knows it beginning to end, and what we beg for him to repair, he makes new, and what we beg for him to take away, he reminds us is used for something far more glorious than our own safety and comfort. He uses the mess and he uses the broken pieces to create works of art to display.