Every time I move, even though I am relocating to a new season in life, I always find something that makes me reflect on the past-a journal, pictures, a memory box, whatever it may be, there is always that one thing I come across that causes me to sit and ponder. Sometimes, old, painful memories are resurfaced; tonight, I came across my “journey to india” journals. What passion for Christ is exemplified in those writings-although I still am loving Christ more and more each day, my heart yearns to go back to January, where I was in a wrestle with Christ to process that venture. What humility, focus, and yearning found in those journals. My hands spoke of a heart so in love, yet so broken for the lost. As my eyes read page after page, I realize how sweet it is to be in those moments of confusion yet utter trust. How I long to go back to waking up to the sweet whispers of Love every morning-because three months ago, that was all the guidance I had to rest on. Now, I have a clear vision as to where the Lord is leading me, where I will be serving, where I will be investing my heart and time, yet a piece of me misses the time of reckless abandon and anxiously waiting for the next adventure. I am discovering more and more the deep rooted desire in my heart for more-more adventure, more thrill-most of all, I miss the feeling of offering life to those perishing, both in flesh and spirit. To my sisters in India, suffering abuse for being untouchable, oh how I miss, so desperately, holding them in my arms. How I miss holding their hands in prayer. How I miss using my mouth to preach life to the villages. How I miss singing praises to the Almighty Jesus on the streets of Tenali. My heart aches for this adventure each and every day. more and more and more and more as the days pass. 

But the Lord has led me and called me here. This is the beginning of a sweet new adventure with my King. To sing His praises wherever my next job may be. To preach the Life Jesus alone offers to future co-workers, new neighbors, unfamiliar passersby. There are people perishing here…and I forget every day. I see hundreds of women’s hearts daily clearly longing to hear that they’re beautiful. There is a beautiful adventure awaiting me here. There are people in desperate need of the Living Water-here. My prayer is that I can live up to this call with joy and perseverance. Translating the passion in my heart for India to Orange County is the challenge of this season-but if Our God is for us, then who can stand against?