My Adventure King.

“That cool, Sally?”

One two three times, he climbs up the rocks of the tide pools; I have to force him to clench my fingers, just in case his feet lose grip. Up, up, up…too high for my tender heart towards him; too small for the adventure he’s created in his mind. 

“That cool, Sally?”

“Yes, buddy! That’s cool!" 

I have learned so much about men, life, affirmation, joy, and grace from my Little Man. Yes, it’s cool, my Little One. Yes, you have what it takes, my Adventure King. My eye is always on you. 

As his leap ends and his feet hit the sand, he looks at me with shock-filled joy. He’s faced a feat he didn’t think possible and he is proud (as he should be) of his courage and cool-factor rising. 

And I am proud at this unmistakably new courage of my Little Man. One year ago, he wouldn’t even go into his class at church. He would cling to my leg as we walked around the building. He wouldn’t look at people too long…let alone put himself in harm’s way by jumping off a giant (ok….3 feet high) rock. 

Now, Little Man, you are doing everything in your power to unclench my hand from holding yours. 

But I promise you, no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you may push in years to come, I will hold your hand just as tight as I did that day you jumped off the boulders. 

And I will look at you as you land with a smile on my face, because my eye is always on you. And I will cheer and laugh and gleam with pride, because you are Mine. And because You are His. And I am so glad He’s shared you with me. 

So here’s to many more years, my Little Wild One. Many more boulders to jump over and smiles to share. And I will always be behind you, forcing you to hold my hand, telling you how cool you are as you try to wiggle away.