now that i have seen

Although my feet now walk on the grounds of America, 

my shoes are covered with the dirt of Tenali. 

i hear my brothers’ cries for wickedness to cease-as they proclaim You as the Everlasting God-

in competition with the mosque’s dawn-breaking chant. 

i see the women of Ashriya-dignity and hope in their eyes, starting life over at twenty. 

and then i close my eyes and see the women in shambled shacks and bodies, babies at their breast, waiting for the next client. 

Oh Lord, i still hear Johti-her little nose crinkling as she proclaims herself an orphan-

“no mommy, no daddy." 

Oh, Injustice of India, you have a desperate fate, 

For i hear the orphans chanting with exploding hearts and voices, "God is my mommy. God is my daddy." 

and i see the women of Ashriya sewing their way to freedom, 

oh Idols of India, i see you crashing down, and Mosque, your speakers are muffled by debris-

for i hear the village churches singing as one "Halleluiah” and the neighboring children chanting the Name above all Names. 

Oh, Injustice of India, you have a desperate fate. 

for we have a God that’s moving-there are no “untouchable’s” in His book-

rather, His book counts the tears of His children, His saints. 

Oh Caste, you have made a grave mistake-

don’t you know? haven’t you heard? 

The Last shall be first…

the widow, the orphan, the beaten and torn, 

to these the Kingdom of Heaven exists. 

Land of the Free, how will you respond to your brothers’ cries? 

Oh, Injustice of India, you have a desperate fate.