oh children of God...

Beloved; adjective:

esteemed. dear. favorite. worthy of love.

Do we live in this truth? Do we clothe ourselves in the strength and dignity that comes with knowing we are dearly loved and cherished by God? It’s difficult to believe myself worthy of God’s love. Maybe because, in truth, I’m not. The only way I am free to be loved by God is through Christ. But in looking at the creation of man, the Psalms, the Exodus, the Bible, that truth is reverted in some ways. Dear friends, we have been loved by God since the beginning of time. He shaped Adam and Eve thinking of the fruit they would produce-the children that would come through them. He delighted and danced over us as he invented his blueprint of our lives, thousands of years before we were born. He wept over the fall, the fact that our hearts would face aches that seem to last forever. He wept over the knowledge that we would deny Him, run away, and break ourselves in so many ways. And He rejoiced over our return. Oh how I wish I could see God hundreds of years ago drawing us up. He has literally hand crafted this generation. Every hipster that is so diligently pursuing justice-He designed this generation so special so long ago. My heart yearns to know what God was conjuring up as He created us with the same hands that invented creativity and love. In Christ, the undesirable become valuable; and the desolate become lovely-this is a promise made in the Old Testament that comes to life in the new. How could I ever deny the Love of Christ? How could I ever deny my belovedness? and conviction comes with this truth of God’s Word-it does not say ‘sally alone is beloved’-but ALL creatures of our God and King. He delights in all His children. oh Lord, forgive me for withholding this truth from anyone.

i’m worthy of love, i know-for my Jesus tells me so.

so are you, my dear sweet friend. run to him, and take his hand.

yes, Jesus loves me. yes, Jesus loves you. he wants to heal us.

the Bible tells me so.