Oh Someday Babe.

Oh Someday Babe

I can’t describe the ways you’ve imposed on my heart, especially in the last few months. Even though we carry this one April Babe, flesh of our flesh, created by us…you are a desire that we just. can’t. shake. 

You are not a plan B or a second act. You were a thought in our minds and a pursuit of our hearts before we found out about the shift in our trails; up to the day we saw those two blue lines on three different sticks (it was a surprise) you were at the top of our minds…

Oh One Day Babe

I don’t know where you are today, if you’re even born or yet to be. But I know, believe, and pray without ceasing that you are ours to fight for. 

And we won’t be perfect (ask our adopted brother-son)–oh but Babe, you’ll be loved. No matter if you look like us or far different, in whatever package you come in, we can’t wait to fill in the snuggles and kisses where someone once couldn’t. 

Oh Someday Babe…someday you will be ours to love and ours to keep, and that one day, we will see you and know that you are for us–and we will be all for you. The gap is wide and the trenches are dirty…we’ve known the path that ends in heartbreak all too well, but you’re worth it. Every minute and every tear that we can shed so you don’t have to anymore…you’re worth it. 

Oh Someday, One Day Babe, we wait for you already in love with you.