Sitting in the Saturday

We were sitting at our kitchen table and something hit me-

Pain is key on the route to redemption. 

I can’t remember who or what we were talking about specifically; I can’t remember what ache we were reminiscing on…But it was this cool wave of insight and realization that came over me all at once, not in a overwhelming drowning sort of way, but, more like a gentle ocean breeze. One I said it to him, I stopped. And blinked. And let the truth of that statement permeate my own heart. 

R.E.D.E.M.P.T.I.O.N. -it’s always at the top of our list, instagram and facebook profiles, the height of the worship service…it’s what we like to focus on first because, let’s be honest, it feels great. I am redeemed. I am loved. I am restored. I am new. Yes! Yes. Truth. 

But what if we took a minute to sit in the Saturday (yes, the day between Good Friday, when Jesus died, and Sunday, where Christ was raised) instead of building a bridge, skipping the day of feeling the loss’ weight…

Because, the truth is, the joy we experience with the morning is a followup to the dark night we felt. 

We are adopted because we were once orphans. Fatherless, motherless, dirty, lost, with nothing. 

We are able to experience the joy of foster parenting and adoption because there are parents out there who would rather kiss their addictions than their kids goodnight. 

We are able to lift our hands in worship, because Christ-perfect, precious Christ-died a violent and painful death to suffer in our place. 

We are able to rejoice at our hearts’ healing in a Gentle but Firm Father’s hands, because they were once shattered by careless hands. 

The very very best things in life are preluded by pain-the ones that leave a significant mark on our hearts, souls, very being bear a dim reflection of what preceded the joy of the experience. Don’t forget to acknowledge the ache, and thank it, for making the joy as sweet as it is. 

I looked at him, my husband, the one who I’ve probably hurt more times than I care to count, the one who I’ve experienced joy beyond measure, with all tears and laughter that come with both emotions, and we swallowed and sat in that truth like the children we are. Then sat at our table and finished our apple pie and tea, and went to be grateful for all that’s been provided and restored in our own lives and hearts through the various pains and circumstances we’ve faced over three years of marriage and the course of our lives. 

And we turned off the lights, and rested our eyes, and said thanks to God for the Saturdays we’ve faced, that have made the restoration just that much more beautiful.