Wishes for our daughter

You are our greatest surprise in so many ways-

Your dad and I are so in love with you already, we have thoughts and prayers and talk to you, and about you, often-you are always on our mind.

Here are our hopes and thoughts and dreams for you as you grow-

1. First, and foundational: you are so loved by your Daddy. Beloved, is the right word for you, baby girl. This is an imperative place to start because it will navigate through so much of your life without you even realizing it. Your Daddy is so in love with you–when he found out you were coming, his face instantly lit up, and he looked at me with a giant smile and said “Girl! It’s a girl!” He talks to you every day, and takes care of me so I can continue to take care of you. Oh Little Girl, you are loved loved loved by a good, strong, steady man. 

2. Your parents are justice seekers, world shakers, and goofballs. We will embarrass you in many ways-whether with our dancing or with rants about injustice…we will be your biggest cheerleaders in all things, but especially the things that count: being brave with your life, loving people well, and pursuing big dreams. You will (hopefully) have a brother or sister one day that didn’t come from mommy’s belly, because we see that as a necessary non-negotiable. You will probably hear us talk about issues in the world we long to face and solve. You will hear us pray and weep for the lost and broken, and you will see us get our hands dirty. We ask you to jump in with us. This is why we chose your name, Scout-a justice seeker, who asked the hard questions to the world when something wasn’t right. And the best part? She learned it from her Daddy. We want to teach you in this way.

3. Baby Girl, I need you to know something: at night, when you make your appearance, I quiet my mind and heart and just rest my hands where you show, and weep thanks (you were my greatest answered prayer besides the boys and your daddy) and I want to do that in all moments with you-when we play peek-a-boo, then hide-and-seek, and those precious (but few) moments where as a teen you let me in. My hope is to embrace those moments with you, and sit with you whether you hide or show-my love for you is constant. 

4. We prayed for you to come–you specifically. When we found out we were expecting, of course we were happy with whichever God gave us; but in my quiet spaces with him, I asked for you because I knew you offer something special to each of us, a new adventure and gentleness to our lives, our hearts, our family. You will make a necessary difference in our lives, and that is a gift. 

5. Baby Girl, Bravely Be You. This is my prayer for you every day. I ask the Lord to give you a strength in knowing who you are, and to be brave with that. Many voices and people will try to tell you to change and be a different you-they will try to tweak you and pressure you to fit into something-Oh, our prayer for those moments is that you know who you are before making any choices. You don’t have to fit their status. Dance to your own drum. The world needs more girls who know themselves and their hearts well, and who walk boldly in that.

And there are many lessons you’ll have to face alone, where I’ll have to sit back and watch you grunt and struggle, from putting on your sweater the wrong way to the hardship of first heartbreaks, my heart is aching with you because I know the struggle is real, but moreso…I know the struggle is necessary. 

Baby Girl, we can’t wait to meet you. We weep with gratitude that God chose us to be your mommy and daddy. Scout: our first explorer. Our little adventurer, and our newest journey. See you in April. 

With Endless Love, 

Mommy and Daddy.