women of God: abide.

Women of God, hear this: you are clothed in dignity and strength. 

As women grapple for a clear picture of what it means to be godly, holy, and good, books and speakers constantly turn to the powerful picture of the Woman Who Fears the Lord (Proverbs 31). 

There are so many things to exemplify in this passage-I walk away from it feeling convicted and, quite honestly, small-i lack everything this woman has. However: 

unlike a mouth that knows when to speak and a tongue that pours out kindness, unlike a hand extended to the poor, and wisdom in finances, dignity and strength are not learned characteristics. these are a gift from our Abba. 

when we accept Christ’s pursuit, amazing things happen…and i don’t think it is a coincidence God uses the imagery of clothes to speak to His daughters… 

He clothes us in righteousness. we are washed clean of all the sins we have committed, will commit, and probably are committing that very moment. He takes the dirty rags of an orphan, invites her in and gives her clothes radiating in white-He gives us a new purity. no matter what splotches of juice or grass stains come with our childish searchings, the blood that sanctifies and covers us far outweighs the petty dirt of this world. 

Christ is really good at doing laundry. 

and then, He gives an extra gift to His girls.

and know something, oh women of God, this is a gift unique to you, and your identity as a Daughter of God. no boys allowed. 

After picking you up out of the dirt, kissing your scraped knee, cleaning and bandaging you, making you like new, he gives you a crown. He clothes you in dignity and strength. 

i don’t live this out. i sit in fear, and dwell in anxious thoughts. i wonder why i’m not hearing God how I want. i wonder why He leads me into the unknown, and why He won’t let me be comfortable. I relish in the times I’ve felt like something, like someone…and i long to go back to those moments of selfish glory. 

oh, but God, in His infinite mercy, and endless lovingkindness that drowns me, reminds me that my strength is feeble, and that, when i don’t have it all together…

finally i am out of His way.

and when i feel as if i am overcome with darkness, He reminds me that i am equipped with everything i need-

for i am a Daughter of the Living King Jesus-clothed in, nothing less, than dignity and strength. 

and as i learn to abide in this, His sweet whispers remind me of these things:

it was never my strength to begin with,

for when i am weak, He is strong, 

and that dignity begins with humility, 

for He must increase and i decrease.