you've won my heart.

my heart is heavy with the longing for adventure. nothing of my own creation-i want to be a part of the story of God-where people are falling on their faces, longing to experience the glory of the Lord; where every tribe, tongue, and nation is learning to speak the name of Jesus for the first time. i long to see new brothers and sisters being baptized. i long to hold hands of women in searching of the Ultimate Love. with desperation, i want to sit at the table with the broken-the prostitute, leper, poor, and weak-oh, beloved, you have won my heart. 

my heart is heavy with the longing for adventure. to wash the feet of Christ with my tears. to spread my arms open in complete surrender. teach me, Lord, to just say yes. teach me, O Lord, to be marked with patience as you unveil this beautiful adventure. 

may we be a people marked by mouths that unwaveringly say “yes” to the guiding hands of God. may we be children who long to obey, who’s true source of joy is found purely in their proud Papa’s smile of approval. Oh Lord, I may fall, I may stumble, I may fail-but i rest safe and secure in Your grip. 

“…the lots have fallen for me in beautiful places…" 

God can, therefore, i will run. His faithfulness never ceases, His love never fails, and His mercy is sure with every break of dawn. 

God can, therefore, i will run.