come back to your first love.

story: an account of past events in someone’s life or the evolution of something. noun. 

where can i go, Father, from Your Spirit? I rise, and You are with me still. 

sometimes i wonder what would happen if i talked about my love affair with Jesus the way i have told the story of my first love here. the progression of events, each one more exciting than the next, the little surprises, the stretching difficulties, the aches and blessings that come with relationship. the mountains we climb, the ones we trip on and the ones we walk up boldly-why does this story come out of my mouth, like a well known song-without any stumbling in sharing, without a beat missing? 

what about the relentless pursuit my Scandalous Savior is still in for my heart? that is a never ending love story-not a sappy, chocolate flavored heart, material sentimentality-but a raging love of a Jealous God. everyday bringing new adventure, some exciting, some petrifying. New mountains to climb, new songs to sing:

songs of sorrow and melodies of joy alike. this story would take years to capture, years to put into words-but could potentially change others’ lives and eternity. 

and yet, i keep this beauty unknown to the world, and walk on my comfortable way to let the story silently fester in my spirit until the praise cannot be contained anymore. 

for i am like jeremiah, growing weary in keeping silent.