Dear Baby Brother [the day after your graduation]...

I am proud; I am so proud of the man you are becoming, the man you are, the character you are building, the love you carry for your brothers and me. I love watching you grow, how you take time to ask me about my day everyday, and you take time to bring the boys back to earth when emotions are high. You are a man of contagious smile and constant friendship. I am proud. 

You are a son, a brother, and a friend to me. And my prayer for you is that from today forward you know that you are a son, first, to the Most High King. You have what it takes, you have shown that this year more than ever before. You have what it takes, Your Father is proud, and wants to lead you into great adventures. You are strong, courageous, faithful, and valiant. 

I am proud I am proud I am proud. 

Here’s to you today, here’s to you tomorrow, and here’s to you for many more years to come: Baby Brother, I am proud and you have what it takes.