I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem,

by the gazelles or the does of the field,

that you do not stir up or awaken love until it pleases.

-song of songs 2:7.

 oh the age old, “don’t worry, God has an amazing man for you,"fall in love with Jesus,” “singleness is a gift from the good Lord…” pep talk verse. I’m here to tell you, O Daughters of God, to thrive. I am here, O Children of God, to plead with you-PURSUE JESUS. This verse holds so much more depth than simply “bla bla bla i want a husband, whine whine whine, i want a wife, wa wa wa.” WAKE UP. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

We live in this tension between who we are, who long to be, and who we were created to be. I am so far from the woman I long to be. Oh God, will I ever be that woman? To learn to rest in who God is, and who God has created us to be, is a lifelong lesson. I don’t think that we will ever be satisfied in who we are-but are we supposed to? Dare I say no? I don’t want to ever be satisified in who I am-only who Christ is in me.

We long to awaken our passions. We long to show the world the love of Christ. But, here’s the point-God will use you and bring your passions to life when He so desires. My love for God, my love for His people, for the sojourners, widows, and orphans, oh, beloved, God will awaken these-for his passion to use us overwhelms our desire to be used tenfold.