I got yogurtland with one of my old junior high girls the other day. She is in seventh grade and one of the most artistically talented young ladies I have ever met. When I get time, just me and her, she shows me her passions and creativity. Her shabby-chic, decorative savvy; as well as her unmistakeably on target hipster style. She wants to be a writer. She is an amazing painter. The list goes on.

I got the chance to catch up with her and ask what she has been learning in her small group. She told me they are going through 1 Peter, the gentle spirit, and such. 

When I asked her what she thinks having a gentle spirit means, this was her response:

Someone who is very quiet. Who doesn’t talk much. Someone who does not bounce around or laugh. Who doesn’t make a lot of noise. You know, who doesn’t, like, bring attention to themselves.

My heart is aching. Is this seriously what we are teaching young girls what they must have in order to “be precious in God’s sight”? We, as women of God, are called to so much more. Oh my gosh, so much more: We are clothed in STRENGTH and DIGNITY. We are Daughters of the Living King Jesus. We are His Beloved.

We are precious in His sight simply because we are His.