i will not waste this life on regrets, for He has chosen to love me.

if you ever find yourself doubting the love of God, look at your hands; look at your feet and wiggle your toes; take a deep breath and listen…even if there are no distinct sounds, just listen; blink…or better yet, take a look at your surroundings-whether it is a trashcan on skid row or a new school building in orange county, just see. 

today i was struck with the love of God in this: i am alive. 

this may be dismal to some; people are constantly searching for a way out of life, to shorten their lives, to escape life-i’ve been known to do it a time or two. even as a Christian, i have faced massive loads of “life” that just seem too much. 

however, today, listening to the story of God’s mercy for His people in Hosea, i was lost in love in the fact that God has chosen in His free will, to look upon me with love.

He has every right, and honestly, all the power to drop me dead and to separate me forever from relationship with Himself…

 and yet He has made a way for us–the simple, yet ever potent truth of the Gospel.

listen closely, God would never create this for creatures that were forsaken; God would never pave this for forgotten children or random beings that have no worth in His eyes. His Love cost Him deeply. 

but friends, hear this: we are not a chore for God. 

we are not dirty dishes, molding in the sink; we are not crumbs waiting to be swept, nor shelves to be dusted. we are powerfully loved by God.

hear this-we are powerfully loved my God, who is rich in mercy and to whom belongs steadfast love. 

it’s nearly impossible to imagine a perfect love…but my heart sings of its existence. my heart speaks of it’s holiness. and my heart longs to invite it in deeper.  

while we were yet sinners….

while we were yet sinners….

Christ died for us. willingly. 

and He looks down with wrath and pity, mercy and grace: only the most creative being can use this strange concoction to formulate such beauty: the Love of a Perfect Father, that holds His children’s hands, and taking their wasted places, making them into the garden of eden.

regeneration and redemption take far too much work and time to assume they are an obligation of God. 

and with this epiphany lies a choice-i can continue to plead for His mercy and grace. i can continue to see myself as an unwelcomed guest in the house with many rooms, an extra mouth to feed, a burden to my host…

or i can finally understand that God does not save out of obligation, but rather a Relentless Love that refuses to be contained… 

and i don’t have time to maintain these regrets when i think about the way…that He loves us, oh how He loves us, oh how He loves…