A couple years ago, I was an assistant Bible study leader to a pretty troubled group. I will forever remember the day that my co-leader looked at one of the women in our group and told her that “it was not just about turning away from a sin, but turning towards the right thing…” That phrase will stick with me forever. As I deny myself these things, the absence means nothing if I am not turning towards the Son and his righteousness. So instead of just refusing to rely on makeup, clothes, and my flat iron for beauty and confidence, I have to rely on the Lord to be my radiance; but I also have to start investing in things like drinking more water, a “clear skin” diet, at home face masks, getting back into regular exercise, and taking fifteen minutes to just collect myself and read. Yes, part of this month will be to take a fifteen minute break daily to recoup and relax. It is a lot harder than it sounds with three munchkins running around screaming all the time, demanding so much attention-but I have to give up my issues of control to give them the best sister (some call me “mister) I can be. Fifteen minutes of conflict resolution practice will not kill them. 

Some call it margin. I call it survival.