O Voice in the Wind

come blow on the fire in my heart. 

small and strong, young and fashioned, scared and ready. 

O Consuming Fire

hold me gently by the hand, 

lean down and hear my cry: 

take me with you.

Hallelujah, i’ve been washed by the blood of the Lamb. 

A precious shed of abundant flow. 

Hallelujah, i’ve been set free-

waves of mercy overwhelm me. 

songs of praise consume me. 

strings of doubt tempt me.

oh God who Heals, draw near and hear my cry: 

take me with you.

my song is soft, but the incense of praise still reaches your ears;


oh Father, my King, you see me sit. you see me weep. you see me shout and jump for joy. i awake, and you are with me still.

oh abbah, hear my cry:

take me with you.  

hallelujah, i am new. i am new. i am new. clothed in precious garments. fashioned in worth. sealed in salvation. 

hallelujah, i can sing: hallelujah.