oh unclean.

Jesus’ life on earth. What a thing to ponder. Today, I was struck by His community with the broken, tarnished, “least of these.” I thought about the lepers in India that have never been touched by another person. To place my hands on their head, to hold them, hug them, to grab and hold the stumps where a finger, hand, foot once was, brought smiles and tears to their eyes as well as mine. The Lord touched these people. He did not heal them first. He reached for them, or allowed them to reach for Him, without ever pushing them away. He touched them first. He did not require them to reach perfection here on this earth, physically, emotionally, spiritually, He touched them first. He did not require the sinful woman to clean up her act before anointing His feet. He touched her first and then said to her, “Go in peace, your faith has healed you. Sin no more.” He did not require Zacchaeus to quit his job as a tax payer as a precondition to staying at his house. No. He touched him first.

I cannot imagine where I would be if God would not have touched me first. I remember lying on a stretcher, getting ready to be put in an ambulance, thinking “Where would I be if this was the end?” God touched me first. How could I, as His hands and feet, do anything less, but touch the lepers, prostitutes, tax payers, lost, broken, wounded, etc, etc, first? We are called to the least of these, drawing near to the aching-fiercely pursuing those who lack perfection-because He touched them first, as followers of Him, shouldn’t we do the same? I am convicted in my lack to touch the lepers here in orange county, especially at Biola. Yes, there are lepers here-they may not be lacking physical limbs, but rather they lack things that cause them to be shut out, disrespected…in all honesty, there are certain people who drive me crazy. 

But annoyance is no excuse to deny someone of dignity and acceptance in the creation they are.

this thought looks beautiful in writing.

putting it into practice, well that is something that evokes a need for abundant grace.