so i googled the sinner's prayer.

Fourth of July….fun, friends, fireworks….

and a new sister in Christ.

after a bbq with the newly hitched schneeble’s,

i went home and did some work.

then watched some saturday night live.

then went to bed…

It’s Two Thirty One in the morning.

there’s a girl screaming crying the background.

and kate: “sally, i need you to be downstairs in ten minutes to come pray over…”

i go down stairs, very unpleasant looking, glasses, retainer,

the epitome of a jar of miry clay.

i have met this girl once before, almost a year ago,

i lay my hands on her. and pray. rebuke. proclaim

The Name of Jesus.

In the Name of Jesus.

Our Identity in Jesus.

Our Safety in Jesus.

we pray. get out of the darkness. into the house.

i have met this girl once before, almost a year ago,

yet she holds onto me as a frightened child holds her mother.

shaking. crying. terrorfied.

“God has never been so real to me before” she says. 

i sit her on my bed. lay my hand on her. kate sits across from me. white. shaking.

yet hope fills her eyes.
this young woman begins telling me the story:

her and kate were talking about current issues in her life. current confessions.

drinking. drugs. eating disorders.

current confessions.

then a sudden darkness. she felt a sudden darkness. a sudden heaviness. trying to speak to her. something evil. something that shouldn’t be there. something that is not safe. something that is not Light.

kate tells me she was just about to ask this girl if she has ever asked Jesus to save her when she started screaming. SCREAMING.

“Be sober minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

i tell her. i tell her this truth. the evil one wants to get you. the evil one wants to scare you. BUT THE VICTORY IS WON.

There is a man.

but more than just that.

He is the Living God in the flesh.

He came down-He died-

He rose again.

So that

“if we confess with our mouths, ‘Jesus is LORD,” and believe in our hearts God raised Him from the dead we will be saved.“

and we have nothing to fear.

For we are daughters of the Living King Jesus.

"i want that” she says.“i want Jesus. how do i do it? what do i say?”

so i googled the sinner’s prayer.

she read it. twice.

and she woke up this morning with a new peace she has never known.