Stay Wild, Sweet Child (Scout is ONE)

I took great pride in thinking I would never be one of “those moms…”

You know…the ones who cared deeply about their babe’s first birthday; who spend ridiculous amounts of money on an event that their baby would never recall at bedtime pillow talks…Nope, not me. I don’t care. Look how much I don’t care.

But…I was wrong. As the day approached, the vision became more and more clear, and the dream, the excitement, the anticipation of the day became more and more real. I had turned into a mom that cared about my baby’s first birthday party.

And I feel zero shame about it. This day was beautiful and filled with so much love and grace and the testimony of community (as has become a common theme in our story). It all came together 15 minutes before the guests arrived; I pitched the vision, and gave friends the trust and free reign to go and be wild in their creative selves, because, truth be told, our girl is wild and free and all that you would guess with that curly hair and saucy side smile…and we believe she will be an agent of freedom and healing for others-inviting them to just be their creative and beautiful selves and run in sweet freedom in the direction their hearts’ (with the Spirit’s prompting) calls.

Be Wild, Sweet Child.

This is our prayer for you, Girl, as we grow tired quickly chasing you around and around, and as we delight in you daily with your sweet and tender and external sunshine-bursts of joy. Oh, stay wild, sweet child, as you listen and hear and wait and go after His call. Heartache will come, and waiting will tempt you to quit and curl up, but Sweet Child, we’ll cry and wait and pray with you as you endure. And we’ll be behind you to pick you up, kiss the wounds and hold you tight…then pat you on the behind, as if to say, c’mon girl, there’s more life to see.  

STAY WILD, SWEET CHILD, as people and systems and culture tells you, “fit this mold, fit that, and hey, this one too…you’ve gotta keep up…” because, sweet, sweet child-you can only be caught up by the walls you put around yourself-no one else can contain you. So don’t let those fools fool you. If you hear a Wild Roar inside you, and if you’ve sat and listened and prayed…oh Girl…GO. Run fast and free and flip the bird at those who tell you to slow down and conform, because Sass and Beauty and Grace can all exist in one small package.

And please, Sweet Sister, remind me of these words, and remind me of these prayers that I’ve prayed: But Mama, you prayed for me to be fearless. But Mama you prayed for me to be brave and strong. But Mama, God is saying, ‘Go, Girl. Go go go. I am with you always,’ so I have to fly!

And I’ll say and remember how right you are as you let my hand go to follow the bigger picture. We’ll pray for you and watch you fly with some knee scrapes along the way, and I’ll always keep the kettle warm for tea with you.

Oh Sweet, Sweet Child…the love we carry for you is heavy and fiery and passionate and strong. But the Love of God…oh Girl(!)…now that’s a relentless kind we cannot match in our human existence.

Thank you thank you thank you Jesus for making me Scout’s Mama. This is just the beginning.

Photos by Valerie Denise

Fauna+Critter Sketches and terrariums by Nichol Duenes of A Vintage Cloud Shop

Cupcakes+Fauna Cookies by Family

Florals by friends (Natascha, Baylie, Val)

Set up day of by friends (Terry+Nichol)