When influence becomes a dangerous thing...

I’m hesitant to write this post. I’m nervous about the ignorant comments or rants that will likely appear on my instagram. The stupid comments I’ll receive about “illegals” and how “terrible” our country is because of them. People just searching for a way to make uneducated, intolerant remarks in a bigger platform because, let’s face it, we are much much braver behind a screen than face to face. 

My husband recently posted this article from Rolling Stone about Trump’s stance on immigration and how it’s gone from an entertaining late-night-show content deal to an actually pretty dangerous influence. It’s a great read, and I encourage everyone (whatever your stance on immigration might be) to check it out. 

He was slewed by an ignorant man who just kept saying over and over again things that weren’t even a part of the article. He claimed he read it, but….by the looks of what he was responding with (over…and over….and over and over again…) he either doesn’t know how to read or he didn’t read it (I have compassion on the first possibility). 

I’m not writing this about immigration policy. That’s an individual conviction. I’m writing about treating humans like humans, whatever they’ve done. I’m not here to convince anyone to vote in a particular way, to boot people out or let them stay, but I’m here on behalf of my convictions, as a disciple, a responsible voter, and a concerned woman. 

In the beginning, Trump was the highlight of Jon Stewart and the hilarity of conversations. Anyone would agree that, in the beginning, it was complete ludicrous what he was saying and how he was saying it.

Then he went up in the polls. 

You see, this is where the danger lies…this man talks about two things that perk up even the least political American’s ears: deportation and “get rich quick.” 

The problem is this is all he talks about. 

If you watch a campaign debate, any conversation on Planned Parenthood, terrorism, women’s rights, etc. is completely sidetracked with this statement “I’ve created these many businesses with this much money” or “this is why we need a giant wall” (obvious paraphrasing happening here). 

So, a trained public speaker, is gaining people’s votes and support because he’s constantly bringing it back around to two things: money and power. In my opinion, he’s tapping into the human’s innate sinful nature. 

And this is my fear: that people, in their hate and/or desperation towards Obama, our country’s economic status, and immigration policy, are not doing their research and getting educated, and just running to the polls entrusting this extremely untrustworthy guy with the fate of our nation. 

So, sir commenting support for hate-crimes on my husband’s post about a Hispanic homeless man that got beat up in the name of Trump (by the way, the article NEVER states the man was an illegal citizen)…Let me ask you this: 

Have you done your research? 

Trump is known for saying things about women that demean them as second class citizens (oh, but he makes sure, now, to let people know the women got what they deserved because…well they just weren’t nice to him…oh poor poor Trumpy…the girls on the presidential campaign weren’t nice to you…aw….here’s a yollypoppy and a weetle band-aide for you….–I’m sorry but I could cuss at how stupid this excuse is. But, I have high schoolers who look up to me so…I won’t). He’s called them “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, filthy animals…” 

Well with a president like THAT, our NFL is sureeeeee to make progress in sexual assault and domestic violence.Yea, right. 

And many many other comments and lifestyle choices that are just not sane or safe for this country, for the people, for me, my husband, my son, my daughter…

And, I think what irks me about immigrants always getting the “welfare” rep…I am white. As white as white can be. My mom is an alcoholic, dare I say, deadbeat, who has manipulated and used the welfare system, social services, and any other system in place to help struggling Americans because, well…according to her she just doesn’t have a problem, Officer. So please, pass me those food stamps so I can use my income to booze it up and beat my kids. Thanks. 

Did I mention…my alcoholic mother is white. As white as white could be. She, not an illegal immigrant, is abusing the system and her children.  

I will wrap it up with this. People, please, for the fate of humanity, do your research! Don’t vote for someone because he promises this false security with his mouth and big walls. These are just words. 

And the frightening thing is this: Hitler started with just words too. 

Please, people, especially my Christian brothers and sisters, research who you are about to vote for. Seek counsel, seek wisdom from the Scriptures and books like Welcoming the Stranger, because, the truth is, you have more influence than you know, and you have a call to make sane and human choices for where you are. 

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, and vote towards what is in line with just that.